Your question: What is happening with Glen Iris golf course?

On 15 October 2021, the City formally receipted a proposal from Eastcourt Property Group to initiate an amendment to the City of Cockburn Town Planning Scheme No. 3 to rezone the former Glen Iris golf course land and develop it primarily for residential purposes.

Why is Glen Iris Golf Course closed?

The abandoned Glen Iris Golf Course has been subject to much public outcry after news of huge development plans broke last year. According to a petition page, “the golf course is the home to not only people, families who love their homes, but of cockatoos, parrots, 28’s, ducks and swans.

Who bought Glen Iris golf?

A YEAR on from the closure of Glen Iris Golf Course, the fire to regain and retain the open green space still burns strong for local residents. The golf course in Jandakot was sold to Eastcourt Property Group in late March last year, with plans afoot to turn the 54.9ha open space into a residential community.

When did Glen Iris golf close?

The potential purchaser is Eastcourt Property Group, a Western Australian property investment and land development company, which has advised that the Glen Iris Golf Course and Glen Iris Bar/Restaurant will close on 31 March 2020.

How much did Glen Iris sell for?

Earlier this week Jandakot residents received a flyer alerting them to the imminent sale of the course to WA-based development firm Eastcourt Property Group, which plans “premium housing” on the 25-hectare site. Settlement of the sale, said to be worth about $30m, is due April 8.

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Is Fremantle public golf course open?

The new look Fremantle Public Golf Course with with temporary clubhouse facilities has now reopened.

How many golf courses are there in WA?

Using the data received from our judges, we are presenting a state-by-state ranking covering all 173 courses.

How old is the Glen Iris Inn?

Formerly the country estate of William Pryor Letchworth, the Glen Iris Inn has welcomed guests as a country inn since 1914. The Inn overlooks magnificent Middle Falls on the Genesee River and is surrounded by the beauty of Letchworth State Park.