What are the yardage markers on a golf course?

A yardage marker is an object found on the golf course that shows the distance to the center of the green, and depending on the course, to the front and back edges of the green to assist a golfer in determining which golf club he should hit.

How do you read yardage markers on a golf course?

A blue or white marker typically means you are 150 yards or metres from the centre of the green, while a black marker is commonly used to show you are 200 yards or metres from the centre of the green.

What do fairway yardage markers mean?

Golf fairway markers are a series of disks placed on courses, usually on par 4s or par 5s, that signify the distance from that point in the fairway to the center of the green. The markers are color coded according to distance, and while most courses use the same system, check with a course employee if you are unsure.

What is the white marker in golf?

Golf Course Yardage Markers: What Colors Correlate What Distance? Courses mark a 100-yard distance to the center of the green with a red disk or stake. White markers denote 150 yards to the center of the green. Blue markers denote 200 yards.

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How do you use yardage markers?

Subtract the distance to the flagstick from the total yardage of the hole. For example, if the hole is 380 yards from the tees that you played and the range finder indicates that you’re 120 yards from the flag, you hit your drive 260 yards.

What is a yardage guide?

Yardage books are a handbook used by golfers when playing a round. These books contain information about distances, hazards, and green complexes for every hole on the golf course. Typically, yardage book offer a little bit more information than the average scorecard.

What are the red markers on a golf course?

The Reds

  • The red stakes on a golf course indicate a lateral water hazard. A lateral water hazard is different from a normal water hazard for it is lateral or it runs alongside the line of play. …
  • The red lines on a golf course also indicate a lateral water hazard.

What are distance markers?

Two upright markers that may be lighted at night and placed so that, when aligned, the direction indicated assists in piloting. They may be used in amphibious operations to aid in beaching landing ships or craft.

Do all golf courses have yardage markers?

Most golf courses have yardage markers at the tee box, 200 yards from the green, 150 yards from the green, and 100 yards from the green (some par 5’s will have 250 yardage markers as well).

What is the blue marker in golf?

Blue tee markers denote the teeing ground used for local or club championship play in tournaments, and is the tee used by skilled male players who have a low handicap. This tee is almost always the longest yardage for each hole, unless the course has black or gold tees.

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What do blue stakes on a golf course mean?

Blue stakes are basically used to indicate a GUR or ground under repair. But under repair areas of a course are more commonly represented by white markings around them.

What do golfers use to measure distance?

A proposed change to the Rules of Golf—if adopted, the rule will go into effect in 2019—allows players to use distance-measuring devices (DMD) including GPS units, rangefinders, and smartphone or tablet apps during play, unless a Local Rule prohibits it.

Where do pro golfers get their yardage books?

On the PGA Tour, players and caddies have Mark Long’s yardage books. For more than 20 years, Fred Funk’s former caddie has been putting together the books that players and caddies regard as sacred texts and indispensable guides for navigating every hole on the PGA Tour.