Should the golf backswing be slow?

Should I have a Slow Backswing in Golf? No, a slow backswing can take valuable distance away from you in your golf swing. If you are seeking more distance in your game, then you should look to speed up your backswing. A slow backswing can be a major detriment to distance in the game of golf.

Should my backswing be slow?

Slowing down the backswing to correct a quick downswing will add to the problem. Fast is good if the transition from the backswing and downswing is a smooth enough to maintain one’s balance. A more rapid takeaway will increase distance if applied smoothly.

Is a faster backswing better golf?

In golf, your backswing is your counter-movement, which is why it’s important to get the club moving quickly away from the target. Speed accumulates throughout your swing, so the faster you move the club away on your backswing, the faster your club will be traveling as it comes into the golf ball.

Which golfer has a slow backswing?

Slow up: Villegas’ power transition

Michael Breed discusses how Camilo Villegas’s slow backswing helps him gain more speed. Watch Morning Drive on Golf Channel.

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How long should a golf backswing take?

The PGATour average time for the backswing is right around 0.75 seconds, with an additional 0.25 seconds for the downswing. Notice that ideally there should be something close to a 3:1 ratio of backswing time vs. downswing time.

Why is my golf swing speed so slow?

If your swing speed is slow, it could be because your golf clubs are too heavy for you. … Graphite golf clubs almost always weigh less than steel-shafted clubs. You will notice that most people can swing their drivers much faster than their irons. Drivers are distance producing golf clubs that are built to be swung fast.

How slow is too slow golf?

An 18-hole round of golf should take a four-ball approximately four hours to complete, any longer, and you may guilty of slow play. For a two-ball or three-ball, around should take between three to three and a half hours.

Is my backswing too long?

If you think of the top of the golf swing, your arms can stop at the correct point, but club still travel too far if the wrists bend too much. The reverse is also true, if the wrists bend correctly, but the arms travel way too far, this can also be a backswing that’s too long.

How important is the backswing in golf?

The aim of a great golf backswing

Stores energy and creates distance away from the golf ball to generate club head speed into impact.

What is a good swing tempo?

The right swing tempo is actually all about getting the perfect tempo of 3:1. Here’s a quick video from the Golf Channel discussing the 3:1 swing tempo in full. To sum it up, your backswing should take 3X as long as you’re downswing. So if your backswing takes three seconds, your downswing should take one second.

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Should you pause at top of backswing?

Next time you’re practicing, when you reach the top of your swing, pause for a second before swinging down. The reason I suggest doing it on the range is because, if you’re quick at the top, this drill will feel very strange and might take a while to get used to.

Which golfer pauses at the top?

Currently Hideki Matsuyama has a distinct pause at the top of his backswing and he’s ranked inside the top 10 on the Official World Golf Rankings. Recreational golfers develop a pause that sometimes disrupts their timing where it actually hurts instead of helps their game.

Should my backswing be fast or slow?

While you will want to play with a good tempo, you may want to use a slow backswing for some of your practice swings, both on the practice tee and on the course. A slow backswing aids you in developing balance and strength, so consider one for practice swings and the driving range and a quicker backswing when you play.

How far inside should your golf swing be?

You’re Not Turning Enough

But if you want to swing from inside the target line and generate more power, you should focus on making a turn at least 90 degrees behind the ball.

Is a short backswing better?

The shorter the arc of your backswing, the less power you can get. As long as you don’t shorten your golf swing too much, you likely won’t notice too much of a difference in power, and you will very often find much more accuracy.

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