What type of socks do you wear for golf?

While there are exceptions in certain dress codes, golfers typically wear short, athletic length or ankle length socks with shorts and crew or full-length socks with long pants.

Do you need special socks for golf?

While a lot of the choices are quarter cut or no show socks, those won’t cut it for wet conditions. Instead, you need a thicker set that is meant to combat the moisture of a rainy day on the golf course. The FootJoy ProDry are meant for the harshest conditions and will keep your feet dry and comfortable.

What Colour of socks should you wear for golf?

On the Course

Trousers – tailored or plus twos or plus fours. Socks should not be tucked into trousers. Men’s Shorts – to be tailored and worn with knee length socks pulled up or short predominantly white socks.

What is different about golf socks?

Golf socks are typically designed to minimize the chances of forming a blister. As long as you choose the right type and wear a shoe with the correct fit, your feet should remain blister-free while you play. Some golf socks are thinner, which may seem like a negative but can actually be very helpful.

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Should you wear socks with golf shoes?

Golf shoes should be worn with the proper apparel on the course. When wearing golf shoes, try to match with a golf polo and golf pants. … If you wear white shoes, wear light-colored socks. Conversely, if you wear black shoes, wear black socks to match.

Are wool socks good for golf?

So far superior is wool that I will pull out a pair of worn wool socks rather than a clean pair of cotton socks. Simmer down, I am not that grubby. The fact is because wool socks do no absorb sweat they don’t stink even after a full day of golf.

What is golf attire?

Traditional golf attire calls for shorts or long pants, in materials like cotton. Golf clubs prefer dressier options for slacks. Pants or shorts often have a pleat to them or can be flat-front. Players should always wear a belt with their shorts or pants. … Women either wear shorts, pants, or capris.

Why do golf clubs have socks?

Protection. Golf club head covers are designed to protect the heads and shafts of your woods from damage that can occur when the clubs jostle around in your bag. … For graphite-shafted woods, buy head covers with a long sock that protects the shafts.

Should you wear black socks?

Plain black socks are a safe, conservative choice to pair with most business and dressy casual attire. Wearing black socks with your upscale outfits shows, if nothing else, that you know it’s not proper to wear white socks with a suit. Black socks do say that you don’t tend to step out of line or think outside the box.

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Should I wear white or black socks?

A general rule of thumb is that white socks are for casual settings and darker socks are more formal. When it comes to deciding between white or black socks with your sneakers though, it really just comes down to personal preference. If the fit is darker tones, maybe go black so the socks don’t stand out.

Why are bombas so good?

They Redefine Comfort

Bombas feel like nothing you’ve ever worn before. Soft, supportive socks that are like clouds for your feet. Silky, smooth t-shirts that fit just right. And our underwear is so comfy, it feels like wearing nothing at all.

Are bombas good for golf?

2. Bombas Performance Golf Ankle Sock. Bombas’ new line of golf socks puts comfort first (think: extra padding at the arch) so you won’t be limping around after a day on the links.

Can you play golf in shorts?

Shorts are okay, but not too short.

Although wearing of shorts is allowed, you should always remember that it should not be too short nor too tight. Also, your shorts should be tailored like casual trousers and should be just above the knee. Like your golf pants, they should also have belt loops.

What shoes are acceptable for golf?


  • Wear golf shoes with hard rubber, plastic, or other non-metal (soft) spikes. (You can wear running shoes or sneakers with good grip if you don’t have golf shoes).
  • Don’t wear metal spikes as they tear up the course.
  • Don’t wear boots, street shoes, or sandals.
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Can you wear regular shoes to golf?

Golf Shoes Improve Your Game

As far as the actually playing of golf, golf shoes are recommended, but not required. You can play your way around the golf course in tennis shoes, running shoes, cross trainers, or any shoes you wish (so long as they do not damage the turf and are permitted by the golf course).

Do you need golf shoes to golf?

Whether you are a high handicap golfer, scratch golfer, or somewhere in between, the answer is yes, you need golf shoes for playing golf. This is especially true if you are looking to improve and take your game seriously.