What is a justified withdrawal in golf?

If a player begins a tournament and completes one or more rounds, signs a scorecard, and notifies an official they will not be going on without a justifiable and independently verifiable reason, it will be recorded as a Withdrawal (WD) and all official round scores for the event will be submitted for rankings.

What is WD in golf?


A player notifies the CSGA staff and/or officials that, during a round, they are withdrawing due to medical reasons or family emergency will be listed as a WD with an injury and/or illness notation.

What is DQ in golf?

DQ – Disqualified): When a serious breach in the rules of golf has occurred, often a disqualification penalty is appropriate.

What does JWD mean in a golf tournament?

JWD- Any player withdrawing before the start of the event but after our cancellation deadline will be listed as JWD. These players are not reported or included in any results to ranking systems.

What does C mean in golf handicap?

C= Competition (normally a score designated by the committee in charge of a competition). This designation has no special impact on the Handicap Index.

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What does no card mean in golf?

No Card (NC) – When a player doesn’t turn in a scorecard for the round, they receive an “NC”, and are disqualified from the field.

What does SC mean in golf?

The Stadium Course (SC) comes in at 7,158 yards and plays as a par 72. All three courses will be putt on Bermuda greens for the third straight week. The 156-golfer field will play each course once, with a cut after 54 holes, and those who make the cut will play the Stadium Course on Sunday.

What is Rule 6 6d in golf?

The competitor is responsible only for the correctness of the score recorded for each hole (Rule 6-6d). … If the competitor records a wrong total score, the Committee must correct the error, without penalty to the competitor.

What is fail in golf?

F. Fade. A shot that, for a right-handed golfer, curves slightly to the right, and is often played intentionally by skilled golfers. An overdone fade will appear similar to a slice. Fairway The area of the course between the tee and the green that is well-maintained allowing a good lie for the ball Fairway hit (FH)

How do you get disqualified in golf?

You must hole out at each hole in a round. If you fail to do so, you must correct that mistake before making a stroke to begin another hole or, for the final hole of the round, before returning your scorecard. If you do not correct the mistake in that time, you are disqualified.

What does DIFF mean golf handicap?

A Handicap Differential is the difference between a player’s adjusted gross score and the USGA Course Rating of the course on which the score was made, multiplied by 113, then divided by the Slope Rating from the tees played and rounded to the nearest tenth, e.g., 12.8.

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What does ph stand for in golf handicap?

NET PAR. Net Par is the new term for Par Plus used when a hole is not played. PLAYING HANDICAP. Playing Handicap is the new term for a Course Handicap adjusted by a Handicap Allowance. Replaces the term “Adjusted Course Handicap.

What is a good round of golf for a beginner?

According to National Golf Foundation data, 45% of all golfers average more than 100 strokes per round. With that said, it is believed that a 108 is considered to be a good score for a beginner golfer, which equates to double bogey on each hole of a par 72 course.