What does F mean on golf clubs?

F wedge (also “Fairway wedge, A wedge, Approach wedge, Gap wedge” and others) typically the same thing as a gap wedge, around 52 degrees of loft (names of clubs and specifications vary between manufacturers – see also wedges and their names)

What does F mean on golf score?

What Does F Mean On A Golf Leaderboard? Sometimes, in the blue circle on the image above, you will see the letter “F” instead of a number like a 65 or 1-18. This simply means “Finished” and is another way of saying that player has completed their round for the day.

What is T and F in golf?

A T and F competition splits the 18 holes into two groups: those holes whose numbers start with a t or an f, and those which do not. … The T and F competition format can be played with various type of game such as greensomes, fourball, Texas Scramble etc.

What does E and F mean in golf?

Eagle. A hole played in two strokes under par. Even.

What is an F wedge?

“This is an exact type of wedge identifying a full sole, there’s no grind on it. It’s basically a sole which has different bounce angles on it. It’s got camber, it’s got radius, but basically F stands for ‘full sole’. You can use it for all types of players.

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What is E in golf?

Par | Even | E

It is a score that golfers strive to match – if not beat – and is referred to as “even”, or “even-par”. … For example, on a hole that is a par-5, a golfer will par the hole if he requires 5 strokes. On a par-4, 4 strokes and finally 3 strokes on a par-3.

What does r3 mean in golf?

Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, Round 4.

What does NC mean on golf leaderboard?

No Card – Submitted for Rankings (NC): If a player begins the tournament, and for any reason other than a justified withdrawal, fails to turn in a signed scorecard for a completed round, it will be recorded as a No Card (NC) and all official round scores for the event will be submitted for the rankings.

Is there a par 7 in golf?

The par-7 stretches the length of this particular nine to 3,469 yards and consists of three par-5s, five par-4s and the monstrous par-7. … GOLF’s own Alan Shipnuck has long suggested that modern Tour courses will need to stretch to 9,000 yards to test the big bombers. Just nine holes at this distance would get you there.

What is R2 in golf?

Centerport,NY. December 01, 2020 at 12:54 PM. Googled Description: The R2 is the equivalent of the modern day A-flex. Instead of calling it amateur or senior flex which is ability or age related, the R2 is simply a softer shaft than a standard regular flex for those with reduced swing speeds.

What does tot mean in golf?

Stat Glossary

Stat / Abbreviation Description
SG: Par 5 Strokes Gained on Par 5s
SG: SG Strokes Gained Short Game (SG:ARG + SG:P)
SG: T2G Strokes Gained Tee to Green
SG: Tot Total Strokes Gained
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What does r4 mean in golf?

Round 4 Scoring Average | PGA TOUR Stats.

What is 3 shots under par called?

An albatross is—you guessed it—a term for three under par. Like the bird itself, achieving an albatross in golf is rare indeed.

What is an M golf club?

Why is senior flex represented by an A or M? “A” originally stood for “amateur.” The “M” stands for “mature” or “medium.” Also, of course, “S” is taken by “stiff.”

What is C grind?

C grinds are (generally) the most common

The most common would be a “C grind” which has the toe and heel sections of the sole shaved off a bit to make the sole more rounded. This allows the wedge to play a bit more versatile from different lies and face orientations (open face, shut face, etc.).

What does e wedge stand for?

That “E” stood for Equalizer, which was the name of Ben Hogan’s famous wedge that turn some of his errant misses into par saves and mind-blowing birdies. …