Best answer: Do any pros use volvik golf balls?

Volvik’s product line portfolio has been in use on the world’s professional tours since 2012. Players using Volvik golf balls have earned millions of dollars in prize money on the PGA TOUR, LPGA Tour, Champions Tour, Tour, Ladies European Tour, LAGT and Symetra Tour, with multiple victories.

Who plays volvik golf balls on tour?

Watson was the only player on the PGA Tour with a contract to play Volvik balls. At the U.S. Open, 102 players teed up a Titleist.

Are volvik golf balls any good?

How good are Volvik Vivid golf balls? Vivid golf balls are good quality balls. They sell well due to the colour options, but they offer performance gains too. They aren’t the softest balls around, but you can expect good responsiveness around the greens and distance from the tee.

Is Volvik a good golf brand?

Volvik are a company predominantly focused on golf balls and have a major share of the Asian market in particular. The company is renowned for its coloured golf balls and its strong presence on the LPGA Tour in the USA.

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Why are volvik golf balls illegal?

It should be illegal to have them though, because they’re as addictive to hit as taking a hit of other illegal things. In terms of the USGA rules though, all Volvik’s balls do confirm to the required standards for tournament play.

Why don t pro golfers use colored balls?

As a whole pros don’t use coloured golf balls because white balls are easier to see. Since pros depend on the game for their living it’s vital they maximise their ability to see the flight and where their ball goes. Bubba Watson and Hale Irwin are examples of major champions who have used coloured golf balls at times.

What is the easiest color golf ball to see?

This ball is made for all-around performance, feel and value. Simply put, yellow golf balls are a lot easier to see. This is especially true with the fluorescent or neon yellow hue found on many balls, including the Srixon Q-Star and Q-Star Tour.

Are Volvik golf balls good for beginners?

The bright exterior finish is also perfect for those who may occasionally stray from the fairway, as they are very easy to locate, even in deep rough. Beginners, younger players and women will be drawn to the bright colors. For players with sight impairments, Volvik Vivid golf balls could make a really great choice.

How do Volvik golf balls rate?

I LOVE these golf balls! They feel great to play with and the red and orange ones really stand out in the rough… the purple ones are extremely difficult to see in my opinion. … This is a great ball that is good as any. Pro V1 is still number 1 but Volvik is a great ball!

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What compression is the volvik vivid?

The Volvik Vivid line is the world’s first and best-selling matte-finish three-piece golf ball, with a 75 compression and a larger core for more distance. The unique SF matte coating provides aerodynamic consistency and higher trajectory.

Which Volvik ball is longest?

The Volvik Vivid XT is a three piece ball that is designed to be one of the longest golf balls in the Volvik line up. This ball comes with an Ionomer cover to provide a bit more grab and softer feel around the green. From a distance perspective, this is a 90 compression ball built for those with a faster swing speed.

Are Volvik crystal balls good?

Summary. The Volvik Crystal Golf Ball is an excellent option for golfers looking for a quality golf ball with a little creativity. … The Volvik Crystal Golf Balls also have great spin control for short range shots, and come in a variety of colors like white, red, blue, orange, yellow, pink, and more.

Who owns Volvik golf balls?

In 2009, Moon Kyung-ahn assumed control of the Volvik Company in South Korea and set out to change their perception – seeking involvement in the premium golf ball market.

Are volvik golf balls glow in the dark?

Volvik has over 40 years of experience manufacturing golf balls and is probably best known for some wild, almost glow-in-the-dark colors. … The current emphasis is on producing 3 and 4-piece multi-layer high-performance golf balls for players of every skill set.

Are volvik Magma golf balls illegal?

Volvik Magma Non-Conforming Illegal Distance White Golf Balls (3 Ball Sleeve) Add to Cart Only 5 left! … The Volvik Magma is designed for golfers seeking super distance and soft feel, especially for senior golfers with low swing speed.

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What color golf ball is best?

The highest visibility golf balls are going to be yellow, orange, white, and lime green. Other colors that you will find include pink, blue, red, and sometimes purple as well. The red and the blue don’t tend to stand out quite as well, although some have quite a bit of luck with the red colored golf ball.