Which is better Wilson or Top Flite golf clubs?

Top-Flite XL and Wilson are two of the more value-centered brands in golf. Both companies manufacturer quality clubs at a fraction of the cost of premium irons. Although Top Flite is not a staple of players on the professional tours, Wilson does make equipment that is used at the highest level.

Is Top Flite A good golf brand?

Top Flite is a value brand, similar to Slazenger, it does not have a reputation for quality. A Top Flite set of clubs is around $150-$219.99 but you are better off buying a good quality used set from eBay or Craiglist. But Top Flite Golf balls are good inexpensive balls, perfect for many players.

Is Wilson a good brand of golf clubs?

Conclusion On Wilson Golf Club Quality

Wilson make a top golf club set for learners and experts alike. … Power Hole technology and forged irons make the Wilson Staff model excellent scoring irons and a large cavity and sweet spot make their Ultra models great game improvement clubs.

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Are Top Flite clubs forgiving?

Forgiveness. The Top Flite Golf XL set is very forgiving. … The offset design on each of these clubs makes them great for those that slice their way around a golf course. The irons have a wide sole, and the stainless steel shaft will help you control them a bit more.

Do any pros use Top Flite clubs?

Exactly zero, on any pro tour. Top Flite does not pay players to use their ball, and no one would take them up if they did. Top Flites are made for hackers, they do not spin, a characteristic necessary for full control of your ball.

Does Top Flite still make golf clubs?

Today, Dick’s Sporting Goods still makes the Top Flite clubs, and that is the place where you can find the clubs for the best value and with the most variety.

Is Top Flite a good golf ball?

Bottom Line. If you’re not an excellent golfer, Top Flite offers many alternatives for good quality, affordable golf balls. The balls are well made and do not cut or nick as much as lesser brands. The balls are consistent, and you’ll find them on the shelves of just about any golf or sporting goods retailer.

Do any pros use Wilson clubs?

8) The company’s current line-up of pro golfers includes Gary Woodland, Padraig Harrington, Paul Lawrie, Kevin Tway, Brendan Steele, Kevin Streelman, Joaquin Lagergren and Paul Waring.

Are Wilson golf club sets good?

Best for versatility

Another great beginner package set offer from Wilson, who make a lot of these sorts of sets. The irons (6-SW) are especially forgiving and the 10.5° driver, 3-wood and 4-hybrid launch really easily thanks to the lightweight graphite shafts used.

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Do any pros use Wilson Staff clubs?

Many of the world’s top professional golfers have used Wilson equipment, including Gene Sarazen (who had a 75-year relationship with the company, the longest-running contract in sports history).

Why is Top Flite so cheap?

Top Flite

It is more of a click like you hear on a driving range. Most of this is because of how hard the Top Flite golf balls are and the materials used to make the outer shell. Again this is an affordable golf ball manufactured for the higher handicapper and beginner.

What does XL mean for Top Flite clubs?

Top-Flite has been selling a variety of golf balls with the XL designation for about 30 years. In this case, XL stands for “extra long,” which refers to the company’s claim that its products will travel farther than the typical golf ball.

Where Are Top Flite clubs made?

Ownership of Top Flite golf clubs pushed Dick’s Sporting Goods to revive the brand and the clubs are now designed, manufactured, and assembled at the Top-Flite Golf Club Company’s state-of-the-art and environment-friendly facility in Costa Mesa, California.

How far does a 12 degree driver go?

A 12-degree loft driver gives you that extra carry you need, which could equate to 10 to 20 more yards off the tee. When a ball is hit higher, it is less likely to have a drastic slice or hook.

Where Are Top Flite balls made?

The union represents the production and maintenance employees at Top-Flite’s golf ball manufacturing facility in Chicopee, Massachusetts.

Where are Tour Edge golf clubs?

All Tour Edge Exotics clubs are hand built in the United States at our headquarters in Batavia, Illinois. All Tour Edge Exotics clubs are backed with a lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturer defects for the life of the product.

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