What size tires can I put on my ezgo golf cart?

Most non-lifted (stock) EZ-GOs can fit up to a 215/50-12 (20.5″) tire without rubbing if there is no added weight on the back of the cart (flip seat, cargo box, etc.).

How big of a tire can I fit on my golf cart?

Lifted golf carts can fit ANY 8” tire, low profile OR high profile. In addition, lifted golf carts can fit any high profile tire measuring at 10”, 12” or 14”. Lifted carts will be able to take 20″, 22″, 23″ and in some cases 24″ all terrain tires.

What is the biggest tire you can put on a golf cart?

All carts can fit up to a 23″ tire with a 6″ lift kit installed.

What size tires fit my golf cart?

The most standard golf carts need an 18” tall tire with an 8” width. The standard golf cart tire size is typically 18” tall by 8” to 8.5” wide.

What Size Is Best for You?

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Tire Size Height Width
205/65-10 20.5” Tall 8” Wide
205/30-12 17” Tall 8” Wide
215/30-12 17.1” Tall 8.5” Wide
215/35-12 17.9” Tall 8.5” Wide

What size are ezgo wheels?

The 12″ wheels with low profile tires is the largest size you can comfortably put on a EZGO TXT without scrubbing. The 10″ Wheels with low profile tires is also another popular choice that is used quite bit.

Will bigger tires make my golf cart go faster?

Arguably, the easiest step on the road to a faster golf cart is to get bigger tires and wheels. … The larger surface area of the bigger tires and wheels increases the maximum possible miles per hour. In some cases, this can be a boost of 300%! The bigger the tires, the better the speed.

How can I make my ezgo golf cart faster?

One way to increase the speed of EZ Go golf carts is to incorporate an octane booster when you fill the tank. The cart will have more pick-up, and it could gain as much as 5 mph. A different approach is to take out the throttle linkage governor on the carburetor.

How can I make my EZ Go golf cart 36 volt faster?

How to Make a 36 Volt Golf Cart Faster

  1. Remove any unnecessary additions, racks or parts on your golf cart. …
  2. Power-wash your cart. …
  3. Check the shaft under the ignition pedal. …
  4. Put larger tires on the cart. …
  5. Replace any old or worn-out parts that are causing the cart to move slower than it should.
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What is a 4 on 4 bolt pattern?

asked by: Bob P. Expert Reply: A 4 on 4 inch bolt pattern is measured diagonally on center. The first number indicates the number of lug holes and the second number indicates the diameter of the circle that those holes sit on.

What size wheels are on a golf cart?


Golf cart wheels come in 4 standard diameters: 8”, 10”, 12”, and 14”.

Are all golf cart wheel bolt patterns the same?

Golf cart wheels are universal between EZ Go, Club Car, Yamaha, or anything with a 4×4 bolt pattern. Some larger carts such as limousine carts will use a 5 lug pattern which will not be universal. The only difference between the brands will be the wheel studs which may require a different lug nut.

How much does it cost to replace a golf cart tire?

Depending on your setup as far as tools and equipment are concerned, you may need a professional to complete this project. If you are purchasing a set of tires that are not mounted, you will spend around $50.00. For premounted tires, you can expect to pay $75-$200 per tire.

How big of a tire can you put on a golf cart without a lift kit?

Remember an 8” tire, low profile, or all terrain will fit on any stock cart without a lift kit. If you go any bigger than 8”, you’ll need a lift. We’ve seen 24” tires on a lifted golf cart, so the sky’s the limit.

Do golf cart tires need balancing?

Even though golf cart wheels do not, and generally cannot be balanced, this does not mean that your tires and/or wheels cannot or will not be the cause of other issues. Staying up to date on similar issues will always be recommended when it comes to maintaining a smooth and safe ride for your golf cart.

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Should golf cart tires be rotated?

Rotating the tires on your golf cart is essential to extending their lifespan and ensuring your vehicle remains safe to drive. Swapping your tires each year will guarantee they wear evenly and make it less likely you need to replace them regularly.