What size lift do I need for my golf cart?

How much should I lift my golf cart?

Lift kits for golf carts give your cart higher ground clearance, which is great for driving through rougher terrain. It also gives you a more stable riding stance, and you can fit larger tires and offset wheels on your cart. Even a lift of as little as two inches can make all the difference in your ride.

Which golf cart lift kit is best?

The Top 8 Best Golf Cart Lift Kits

  • Club Car Precedent 6″ Double A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit. …
  • Club Car DS 6″ Double A-Arm Golf Cart Lift Kit. …
  • Drop Axle EZGO Lift Kit. …
  • EZGO All Terrain Golf Cart Tires Combo. …
  • Drop Axle Lift Kits for EZGO Golf Cart. …
  • Club Car Precedent 6″ A-Arm Lift Kit. …
  • Freedom Off-Road Performance Yamaha.

What size lift do I need?

When lifting trucks, it’s a general rule that the bigger and taller a vehicle is, the more fuel it’s going to run through. So the shorter you can keep your lift, the less you’ll end up spending on gas over the years. A 4-inch lift is overall less expensive, not only when it comes to gas but also tires.

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Does lifting a golf cart make it faster?

Some golf cart owners with a true need for speed will opt to use a lift kit or block lift so that they may install even larger tires. This may add a bit of expense, but a lot of extra speed. … This is probably the easiest and most essential step in ensuring your golf cart’s speed.

Can you lift a 36V golf cart?

With a lift, the motor has to work harder when climbing inclines or carrying passengers even with standard size tires. … A 36V cart doesn’t have the power to compensate for all the added strain and could likely result in burning out motors or controllers and overworking solenoids, cables, and wiring.

Can you put bigger tires on a golf cart?

Lifted golf carts can fit ANY 8” tire, low profile OR high profile. In addition, lifted golf carts can fit any high profile tire measuring at 10”, 12” or 14”. Lifted carts will be able to take 20″, 22″, 23″ and in some cases 24″ all terrain tires.

What’s the biggest tire you can put on a stock golf cart?

All carts can fit up to a 23″ tire with a 6″ lift kit installed.

What size are stock golf cart rims?


Golf cart wheels come in 4 standard diameters: 8”, 10”, 12”, and 14”.

How can I make my golf cart more stable?

To best complement the look of your tires, owners should consider purchasing a lift kit. Lift kits lift the body of your golf cart, elevating your vehicle for a more stable ride. Lift kits also allow you to install larger tires and offer a more unique design to your golf cart.

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How tall is a golf cart with a roof?

These golf carts are usually between 46 inches and 50 inches off the ground. The golf carts with roofs have quite a bit more options than this. It is not unusual to have golf carts that be as tall as 82 inches.

How do I make my lifted golf cart go smoother?

How to Make a Golf Cart Ride Smoother

  1. Correct Tire Pressure. …
  2. Replace Worn Out Shocks and Struts. …
  3. Check the Fluid and Filter. …
  4. Replace the Clutch. …
  5. Flat Spot in Tire. …
  6. Tire Damaged or Out of Line. …
  7. Worn Out Suspension Bushings. …
  8. Check Your Lift/Tire Combo.

Does a 2 inch lift make a difference?

If you raise the front only between 2 or 2 ½ inches, you’re leveling. It brings the front and rear tires level and brings the face up. The truck loses its nose-to-the-ground look and replaces it with a front-and-center stare.

What size lift do I need for 32 inch tires?

For 32 inch tires, you need a 3-inch lift running 5 to 6 inch backspacing on its wheels.