What size are men’s golf clubs?

The standard length of a steel driver for a man is 44 inches; a graphite driver is 44.5 inches; steel 3s, 4s and 5 woods are 42.5, 42 and 41.5 inches, respectively; graphite 3s, 4s and 5 woods are 43, 42.5 and 42 inches, respectively; both the 7 and 9 woods are 41 inches for steel and 41.5 inches for graphite; steel …

What size golf clubs do I need?

To choose golf clubs that are the right fit, all you need is your height. If you’re between 5 ft 9” and 6 ft (1.5 m 23 cm and 1.8 m) tall, you should go with the standard length for golf clubs. If you’re taller than 6 ft (1.8 m), you’ll need longer clubs.

What height do standard golf clubs fit?

Standard length clubs are typical for golfers of an average height and wrist to floor measurement. As you can see in our golf club size chart above these would typically fit in the 34″ to 35.5″ range.

What size golf clubs should a 6 foot man?

Understanding Golf Club Length – How It Works and What Works for You?

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Height Wrist-To-Floor Measurement Length of Golf Club
5’4” – 5’7” 32 inches – 34 inches Subtract 1/4 inch
5’7” – 6’1” 34 inches – 37 inches Standard size
6’1” – 6’2” 37 inches – 38.5 inches Add 1/4 inch
6’2” – 6’4” 38.5 inches – 40 inches Add 1/2 inch

How do I know if my golf clubs are the right size?

In irons, more so than in the driver, optimal club length is usually determined by a set of measurements that take into account the player’s height, arm length, and swing posture. Clearly, a player who is extremely tall would not benefit by using golf clubs designed for a player who is much shorter, and vice versa.

What is standard golf club length?

Even though the Rules of Golf for competition allow the club shaft length of up to 48 inches, Golf Monthly notes that the average driver length used on the tour is ‘only’ 44.5 inches, while the average driver length in golf shops is about 45.5 inches.

What is the standard length of men’s golf irons?

“Most men’s irons are made to be pretty close to the same length, starting with the 3-iron at 39 or 39.5 inches, and all other irons decreasing in length by a half-inch per iron down through the set. Again, women’s irons are usually one inch shorter per club than men’s.”

Why are golf irons different lengths?

As a club is longer (as well as lighter), then it can be swung faster up to a limit. The increased length provides greater leverage and speed to hit the ball further if solid contact is to be made. Shorter clubs are designed not for length, but rather precision.

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How long should your driver be based on height?

The Tall and Short of It

For example, if you are 6-feet tall and your wrist-to-floor measurement is 35 inches, a standard length driver — 44 inches for a steel shaft driver and 45 inches for a graphite shaft driver — would be appropriate.

What clubs are good for a 6 4 man?

Best Golf Clubs for Tall Men Review

  • Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set Hand Steel.
  • Wilson Sporting Goods Golf Men’s Set Complete.
  • Aspire X1 Men’s Complete Golf Set.
  • Precise M3 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set.
  • Precise M5 Men’s Complete Golf Clubs Package Set.
  • Cleveland Golf Junior Set.

How long is a standard 7 iron?

Standard Club Length

Club Men Graphit Lady Graphit
Iron 6# 38 37
Iron 7# 37,5 36,5
Iron 8# 37 36
Iron 9# 36,5 35,5

How long is a standard 5 iron?

Standard Length for Irons

The same is true for graphite golf irons: the standard length for a 1 iron measures 40 inches, a 5 iron is 38 inches and a 9 iron is 36 inches.

Does height matter for golf clubs?

It doesn’t matter how tall you are if you have a deeper crouch in your swing because your wrists will then be closer to the ground, which means you need slightly shorter clubs. … Arm length and wrist to floor length are what truly determines how long the shaft of your golf clubs should be.