How much is a golf lesson with Butch Harmon?

Butch Harmon (left), the coach for many of golf’s stars, has helped major champions such as Phil Mickelson dig the game’s secrets out of the dirt. For that insight, Harmon commands $1,500 per hour and ranks as the game’s top instructor, according to a recent Golf Digest list.

How much is a Butch Harmon lesson?

Butch Harmon – $1,500 per hour.

Can you get a lesson from Butch Harmon?

There are a variety of Butch Harmon School of Golf schools and packages available, but all have one very important thing in common: you will receive high-level instruction from a Team Butch Harmon staff member who works with a long list of top amateurs and PGA Tour professionals, including Charley Hoffman and Scott …

How much is a lesson with Chris Como?

Golf Digest put him on their “Best Young Teachers” list in 2014, noting that he charges $1,500 for a half-day lesson at Gleneagles Country Club near Dallas. Como is regarded as a sports science expert.

How much is a lesson with David Ledbetter?


Three hours with him at his academy at ChampionsGate in Orlando will run you $3,500.

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How much does David Leadbetter charge for a golf lesson?

Now that he’s famous, Gankas’ fee is up to $800 an hour. More teachers you might have heard of: David Leadbetter ($750/hour), Sean Foley ($1,000) Chuck Cook ($350), Jim McLean ($450), Claude Harmon III ($450), Stan Utley ($500), Cameron McCormick ($500) and Michael Breed ($500).

Is Butch Harmon a good golfer?

He’s one of the greatest golfers of all time and he’s also one hell of a nice guy.” Butch Harmon wrote the 2006 book The Pro, describing his life in golf with his father, brothers, friends, and the top players he has coached.

What is Butch Harmon swing cheat?

The secret to playing golf is to get the clubface on the right path and square at impact. That’s it.” As long as you do that, swing your swing, Butch says.

How much is Chris Cuomo making?

Son of late Mario Cuomo, another New York governor, Chris is making a name and hefty income for himself outside of politics. He earns $6 million annually for his role as host of CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time,” according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Who is Tiger Woods swing coach now?

5 Things to Know About Tiger Woods’ New Swing Coach, Chris Como.

How much do pro golfers pay their coaches?

Yearly fee of $25-40K, or hourly billing. Coach’s Cut: 1 to 3 percent of tournament winnings.

What is a good price for golf lessons?

The average cost of a golf lesson is anywhere from $25 – $60 for a 30 or 45-minute lesson and around $75 – $100 an hour (or more) for an hour-long lesson. You need to decide what your end goal is and that will help you decide what type of lesson is right for you.

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Why are golf lessons expensive?

There are many factors that influence how much an individual golf lesson costs. Some factors that go into determining what instructors charge include: The experience and notoriety of the instructor. Obviously, David Leadbetter is going to charge more than the friendly club pro working at your local municipal course.

Are golf lessons worth it?

Golf lessons are absolutely worth it. … Lessons are essential for beginners who are trying to learn the basics, and can lay a solid foundation for a good golf swing. But the key thing is finding yourself a good pro to learn from. If you don’t, you’re wasting your time.