How much are Trojan batteries for golf carts?

Are Trojan golf cart batteries worth the money?

There are many great deep cycle lead acid battery brands, such as US Battery, Interstate Battery, Powertron, Duracell, Deka and many others, but almost everyone will agree Trojan batteries are the best. Trojan batteries provide superior performance, long lifespans and have been proven to withstand the test of time.

How long do Trojan golf cart batteries last?

According to the team at Golf Carts Plus, the short answer is 7 – 9 years. However, to achieve that you need to carry out the routine maintenance and watering of your battery.

How much does a Trojan t105 battery cost?

Trojan T-105 Battery Price $158 ea * with Exchange Core is $20 ea without exchange.

How much do golf cart batteries usually cost?

Average Price of Golf Cart Batteries

The average price of a golf cart battery replacement is going to be in the $800 to $1,500 range. Depending on the type of battery, it could even be in the $2,000 ballpark because powerful golf carts like a 72V need more expensive batteries installed.

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What is a battery vs Trojan?

U.S. Batteries are a high-quality, USA-made product, offering the fastest cycles to full rated capacity, as well as durability and impressive Ah output. But overall, Trojan batteries come out slightly on top.

How old is my Trojan golf cart battery?

To determine the date of manufacture, refer to the date code on the negative terminal which consists of a letter and a number. The letter refers to the month and the number refers to the year.

Are Trojan golf cart batteries maintenance free?

Trojan Battery – the most trusted name in deep-cycle battery technology – also offers deep-cycle gel batteries. Trojan’s deep-cycle gel batteries are completely maintenance-free and require no watering.

Should you leave your golf cart plugged in all the time?

A golf cart battery is supposed to charge and discharge and recharge again in that cycle while it last. Leaving your golf cart plugged all the time is not an ideal maintenance practice for the longevity of your battery. … The minimum maintenance for a battery is recharging it soon after use; unplug it when fully charged.

How much does a Trojan battery cost?

Trojan Battery Company

Trojan Battery 24-AGM > 12 Volt 76 Amp Hour AGM Battery Trojan Battery 24-Gel > 12 Volt 77 Amp Hour Gel Battery
Our Price: $253.00 Our Price: $1,245.00
Compare Compare
Trojan Battery 12 Volt 130 Amp Hour Commercial Deep Cycle Trojan Battery 4 Volt 1293 Amp Hour Flooded Battery

What type of battery is Trojan T105?

T-105 225 Amp-Hour Deep Cycle Battery, 6 volts.

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This is the 225 amp-hour, 6-volt deep cycle battery from Trojan, in the popular “Golf Car” (GC2H) size. These can be used in RV’s, homes, cabins and most renewable energy systems.

Which golf cart battery is best?

The Best Golf Cart Batteries

  1. Lifeline Marine AGM Battery GPL-4CT. View on Amazon. …
  2. Trojan T-105 Batteries. View on Amazon. …
  3. UPG UB12350 Battery. View on Amazon. …
  4. Expert Power 12330 Battery. View on Amazon. …
  5. Ampere Time LiFePO4 Battery. View on Amazon. …
  6. VMAXTANKS 6 Volt 225Ah AGM Battery. View on Amazon. …
  7. Mighty Max ML35-12 Battery.

How much does it cost to put new batteries in a golf cart?

The general consensus for battery replacement ranges from $800 on the low end to $1500 on the high end. Some packs cost as much as $2000 when you start dealing with 72 Volt systems and sealed batteries. But, for the typical lead acid battery pack, $900 to $1500 is about the norm.

How much does an 8 volt battery cost for a golf cart?

Trojan 8 volt no lable deep cycle golf cart battery is manufactured by Trojan as an OEM for golf cart companies. It is not as robust as the T-875 but is a good value for $110.

How much does it cost to replace a 48 volt golf cart battery?

If you want to replace your battery, you should budget around $800 to $2000.