How many members does the Royal Melbourne Golf Club have?

How much does it cost to join Royal Melbourne?

Australia’s most exclusive, oldest and celebrated golf club has a $10,000 joining fee and an annual $3500 membership fee. The prestigious club has a minimum ten-year wait and requires you to know current members to join.

How much does it cost to play at Royal Melbourne Golf Course?

As an overseas visitor you will play A$750 for the West Course or $550 for the East and then you MUST take a caddy at another $140. So you are looking at A$890 (roughly £500) to play this course.

Can you play Royal Melbourne as a guest?

The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is a private Members’ club. Members may invite guests to play on most days.

How many bunkers does Royal Melbourne have?

Surrounded by 7 bunkers it is effectively an island green. The last par 5 is the longest hole, favor the left off the tee. The second shot requires a decision point to avoid the fairway bunker in the middle of the fairway about 110 yards out. The finishing hole is a dogleg left.

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What is the most expensive golf club to join in Australia?

Developed by former Essendon Football Club President David Evans and opened by state Premier Daniel Andrews, Cathedral Lodge will operate as a high-end, invitation-only private club with a small membership of 150 golfers. Annual fees are apparently between $10-12,000, making the club the most expensive in Australia.

What is the most expensive golf club to join?

Shanqin Bay Golf Club is the most expensive and most exclusive country club in the world, with an estimated initiation fee of up to $1 million.

Why is Royal Melbourne so good?

Royal Melbourne ultimately is a great course because it is full of great holes – world-class, head-turning, memorable holes. The famous 4th on the Composite Course is arguably the best dogleg par-4 in Australia.

Can visitors play Royal Melbourne club?

Visitors are very welcome and receive a nice packet of information, tees and a course guide. Though the West Course is more highly regarded, the East Course may very well present more interesting shot selections.

How much is a membership at Kingston Heath Golf Club?

The top clubs- Royal Melbourne, Kingston Heath, Victoria, Peninsula, & Metropolitan are all around $10,000 US initiations/joining fees. The annual fee is $4,200 US!

How many royal golf courses are there in Australia?

The 64 clubs, in alphabetical order, are: Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews, founded in 1745, granted Royal patronage by William IV in 1834.

How many golf courses are there in Melbourne?

With more than 1,800 golf courses to choose from, the variety is staggering. Given that Australia is a vast country, it’s surprising to note that a good number of the nation’s best courses are located in one small area of Melbourne, known simply as the Sand Belt.

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How do you become a member of the Royal Melbourne Golf Club?

Initiation fees start at $70,000 with $6,000 yearly dues and up, and you can only apply by member referral. (Also voted #3 Golf Club in the U.S.) Royal Melbourne Golf Club is a 36-hole golf club in Australia, located southeast of Melbourne.

What type of greens are at Royal Melbourne?

After working many tournaments around the world and seeing how those courses were set up, this was a unique course. Fish mouth spraying. First off not many courses deal with three types of grasses on the short grass but RMGC has Bermudagrass fairways, fine fescue approaches, and Sutton bentgrass mix on greens.

When was Royal Melbourne golf course built?

It was officially opened on 4 July 1891. A house a short distance from the course was rented for 30 shillings per week. This house at 16 Turner Street, East Malvern still exists. Women were accepted into the Club as Associates in September 1892.

How do you play Kingston Heath golf course?

To play Kingston Heath Golf Club you need one of the following:

  1. Be invited by a member.
  2. Interstate or overseas visitor (must be a member of a golf club outside VIC)
  3. Play one of the charity/open days held throughout the year.