Do you need a driver’s license to drive a golf cart in Peachtree City?

Only those with a valid driver’s license may operate an LSMV. To operate on the paths, an LSMV must have a setting limiting speed to under 20 mph and operate in that mode at all times on the paths. No LSMVs on streets with a speed limit over 35 mph.

Do you need a license to drive a golf cart in Georgia?

In Georgia, you must have a valid driver’s license or permit in order to drive a golf cart alone. Anyone who is above the age of 12 can operate a golf cart as long as they are accompanied by a licensed driver who is an adult (18 years or older).

Are gas golf carts allowed in Peachtree City GA?

Prohibited on all public property (streets, sidewalks, parks, parking lots, paths, etc.). Permitted on private residential property with property owner’s permission.

How do I register my golf cart in Peachtree City?

To register a cart with Peachtree City, you will need the completed Registration Form (PDF) along with proof of ownership (sales receipt or release from the previous owner), photo ID, and the fee (see below). Carts will only be registered to owners who are age 18 or older.

Are golf carts street legal in GA?

Only those who have a valid driver’s license are allowed to drive a golf cart ALONE. … Golf carts may only operate on streets with posted speed limits of 35 MPH and under. This does not prohibit golf carts or low-speed motor vehicles from crossing any road or street at properly marked crossings.

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Is a golf cart considered a recreational vehicle?

Most insurance companies define recreational vehicles as the following: All terrain vehicles, dune buggies, golf carts, mini-bikes, motor homes, motorcycles, recreational vehicle trailers, snowmobiles, trail-bikes, off-road vehicles, antique and classic autos, and various watercraft including jet skis.

Is it legal to drive a golf cart around town?

Golf carts are limited to cities and towns that have passed local laws to allow for them to be driven on the road. All drivers must have a valid driver’s license. Golf carts can be driven on roads if the town permits it. However, the vehicle must display a slow-moving vehicle sign and a safety flag on it.