Can you bring your own golf cart to Lakewood?

PERSONAL GOLF CARTS & NEVs ARE NOT PERMITTED except by those guests with Annual Lease Sites and then ONLY when the Annual Lease office issues a permit. … You must be at least 16 YEARS OLD and have a valid driver’s license in your possession to operate a golf cart or Segway.

Can you bring your own golf cart to Pirateland?

Can I bring my own golf cart? We only allow personal golf carts for annual lease sites. They are not allowed on campsites or vacation rentals. If you have a modified golf cart for mobility assistance please call 843-238-5155 for more info.

Are motorcycles allowed in Lakewood Campground?

Motorcycles are permitted throughout the year on the twenty (20) designated entrance sites ONLY. Otherwise, Lakewood has a gated designated motorcycle area located at security for motorcycles to be parked.

Are golf carts allowed at Myrtle Beach Travel Park?

Golf cart usage is not allowed by our guests on our campground transient sites and Ocean Villa, cabin and travel trailer rentals. The only exception is those guests who have been issued a valid state-issued disability parking placard or card.

Does Lakewood Campground have WiFi?

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That’s why Lakewood offers resort wide WiFi for our guests, free of charge. So, whether you are at the pool, the lake, the coffee shop, or just relaxing back at your camper, we’ve got you covered!

Does PirateLand have WIFI?

Wi-Fi Access

Access to wireless internet is FREE and is available for most campsites, vacation rentals, and in some common areas of the campground like the Front Office and Camp Store.

Does PirateLand have fire pits?

During any time of the year, you may have a portable fire pit as long as it is at least 6″ above the ground and has a screen, cover, or chimney, and you may only burn duralogs, starter logs, or charcoal.

Does Lakewood Campground have cable?

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All sites are Full Hookup sites (20, 30, and 50 amp service), with Free WiFi service, and 62 channels of Free Cable service (Spectrum TV).

What county is Lakewood Campground in?

Springmaid Beach is a neighborhood and resort community in Horry County, South Carolina, United States, straddling the city limits of Myrtle Beach. Springmaid Beach is situated 2½ miles northeast of Lakewood Campground.

Can you bring your own cart golf?

It’s certainly possible for courses to allow individuals to use their own carts. The Amherst Golf Club in Amherst, Nova Scotia had quite a few members, who did just that. The club even a building in which their carts and the club’s carts could be stored and the batteries charged.

Are dogs allowed at Myrtle Beach travel Park?

Pets are allowed outside on a leash only. No pet is to be left outside unattended. With the exception of service animals, pets are never allowed in our rental travel trailers, villas, or lake view cabin, pool areas, or any park building-including the Pavilion.

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