Best answer: Why do I keep hitting the golf ball fat?

Fat and thin shots are caused by the same problem: The club bottoms out before the ball. The cause often is that the swing is out of sequence. … The momentum of the swing pulls the club down to the ball. If you start with the club on the ground, you’re setting up for a fat shot.

How do I stop hitting the ball fat and thin?

If your right hip slides to the right on your backswing instead of turning, you will most likely hit the fat or thin shot. Keep that right leg in place and just turn your right hip back behind you. * Standing too far from the ball will also cause these problem shots.

Why do I FAT my irons?

One of the main reasons that golfers hit fat shots is they are desperately trying to get the ball in the air. … Hitting the ball fat is often a consequence of having an angle of attack that is too steep. To prevent this, feel like you take the club back with your arms whilst rotating your shoulders around your spine.

Why am I hitting the ground before the golf ball?

When a player hits the ground before the ball it is generally because their club is attacking the ball from too shallow an angle. … When the club is this close to the ground it gives the golfer no margin for error and, as a result, heavy/fat shots are a common result.

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Why do I hit my driver fat?

You can hit it fat from having too inside of a swing path or one that is too outside. Fat shots can also be caused by a release that is too early, moving your swing center too far off the ball, or even a reverse weight shift. By knowing your OWN swing habits, you can get to the correction straight on.

What is golf Fatting?

A “fat shot” happens when the golfer’s club hits the ground prior to making contact with the golf ball. … In addition to resulting in a terrible shot, hitting the ball fat can also be jarring to a golfer’s hands, wrists and arms, depending on just how “fat” (how badly the club digs into the turf) the shot is.

How do I stop Fatting?

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Why do I hit behind the ball with my irons?

A common problem is to whip the club inside on the takeaway and over rotate the hips. When this happens the backswing becomes flat and inside and it’s very easy to hit behind the ball. To avoid this, feel as though the hands, arms, and club move away as one piece during the takeaway.