Best answer: What is the compression of Titleist Velocity golf balls?

With the 65 compression rating on the Velocity, it’s not too soft for those used to tour soft performance balls like Pro V1 while being low enough for senior golfers to play with.

Is the Titleist Velocity a hard ball?

The Titleist Velocity 2020 golf ball was created for golfers who wanted a premium playable distance ball at an affordable price point. … It’s hard to the touch and a little slippy which gives away the fact it’s a two-piece multi-layer ball unlike the Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x which are made from a 100% urethane cover.

What golf balls are comparable to Titleist Velocity?

Here are the five best golf balls for senior golfers:

  1. Titleist Velocity Golf Balls (Best Golf Ball for Seniors) …
  2. Callaway SuperSoft Golf Ball. …
  3. Bridgestone E6 Golf Ball. …
  4. TaylorMade Tour Response Golf Ball. …
  5. Srixon Soft Feel Golf Ball.

What is the compression of Wilson tour velocity?

The Wilson Tour Velocity line offers four options; each with a patented dimple pattern, low-to-mid compression and an advanced 2-piece construction. Low Compression Technology: Featuring a soft cover, this 70 compression golf ball enhances feel and spin around the green.

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Who is the Titleist Velocity good for?

And higher compression balls, with a rating of 100 or higher, are harder to get distance on but easier to control. These are best for golfers with a particularly fast swing. The Titleist Velocity compression is in the middle of the range because it feels soft but is not as soft as something like the Titleist TruFeel.

Is Titleist Velocity good for slow swing speed?

The most important thing about a golf ball for a slow swing speed golfer is the distance. … You want this ball to roll for yards after it lands. Luckily the Titleist Velocity is designed to allow that. In addition to the low spin on the driver, you get a decent amount of short game and short iron spin.

Is Titleist Velocity The longest ball?

Longest Golf Balls: Titleist Velocity

The longest golf ball is the Titleist Velocity. This is a two piece ball that is built completely for distance and low ball spin from the tee. … The pattern on the cover of the ball helps to increase launch and give golfers higher and longer ball flight.

How much longer is Titleist Velocity?

A new spherically tiled 350 octahedral dimple design promotes a higher trajectory and more distance while a larger LSX core generates greater velocity with extremely low spin on full shots for more distance.

Tony Covey.

Driver Titleist TSi4 3-Wood Titleist TSi2 13.5°
5-Wood Titleist TSi2 18° 4-Hybrid PXG 0317X GEN2

Are Titleist Velocity forgiving?

They are very forgiving and still yield really good distance for slower swing speeds. Plus, they fly exceptionally straight. The Titleist Velocity balls were also very straight but weren’t as long as the Callaway balls.

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What is the compression of Titleist Tour soft?

For the majority of senior golfers looking for a low compression golf ball, the Titleist Tour Soft is a great choice. It strikes a nice balance with a 65 compression rating that is low enough for most senior golfers, but not too soft for those that might be used to a Pro V1 or similar ball.

What is the compression of the Wilson duo golf ball?

Wilson claim the Duo Soft+ golf ball is the world’s softest and with a compression rating of 35 it is certainly hard to dispute that claim.

Does Titleist Velocity go further than Pro V1?

In terms of performance, the results were comparable throughout. The velocity averaged 2 yards further than the Pro V1 with a driver and longer irons. When it came to wedge shots, the Pro V1 bit into the green quicker than the Velocity.

What is the compression of a Titleist?

What Compression Is the Most Suitable – The Compression Chart

Golf Ball Layers Compression
Titleist ProV1 3 Piece High (90)
Titleist ProV1X 4 Piece High (100)
Titleist AVX 3 Piece Medium (80)
Titleist Tour Speed 3 Piece Medium (80)

What golf ball is 80 compression?


Golf Ball Layers Compression
Titleist Pro V1 3 High (90)
Titleist Pro V1X 4 High (100)
Titleist AVX 3 Medium (80)
Titleist Tour Speed 3 Medium (80)